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Jazz on the Corner
Hello, and welcome to Jazz on the Corner, home page of the quartet, Jazz on the Corner. The quartet consists of William Bonness on piano/keyboard, Peder Maclellan on bass, Mark Nagelberg on drums, and Colin Power on alto sax. Mark and William are 13, Peder is 14, and Colin is 15. Before you leave, please sign our guestbook.

Here us Play -allofme.mp3

Hear us Play- autumnleaves!!s.mp3

To play an mp3 file, you will need an mp3 player. Download one here(500K).


Download winamp203.exe which will also play it



(This isn't us playing though) 

See our list of midi files

When we are playing:

We'll be playing at the Blue Note Cafe(Winnipeg) on Thursday, May 6th at 9:00 p.m.; that's all we have right now, but we're trying to get gigs at other places.

A little Background on the players:

William, piano, has been playing piano for about 6 years. He started playing jazz about a couple of years ago. He met Peder at the beginning of grade seven, and has known Mark since he was born. His dad is in the Symphony and his mom is a music teacher.


Peder, bass, has been playing 1 and a half years. He has been listening to jazz his whole life, and both of his parents are band teachers. He met William at the beginning of grade 7, when he started playing bass. Peder just met Mark recently, when William introduced him to him when they were starting the trio.


Mark, drums, has been playing 1 and a half years as well. His parents are both in the Symphony; his dad plays bass and his mom plays cello. Mark also plays trumpet, but he's a lazy bumb and doesn't want to learn how to play jazz trumpet. He has known William since he was born, and just met Peder recently. He also has funny hair! POPCORN HAIR!!!


Colin, sax, has been playing since the beginning o grade 7. We saw him play at Chapters Bookstore in December playing with Paul Baulcaine and that's how we met him.


Some Links:

Just Jazz - Lots of jazz midi files, and other stuff too

Devian Jazz Midi Files - Tons of jazz midi files

If you want, you can email or icq the players:

William: -- icq # 26650386

Peder: -- icq # 24715632

Mark: -- icq # 26941932

Colin: -- icq # 29153212

All of us:

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